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Abby's Antique Mall

Our Location:

180 31st St.
Ogden, UT 84401

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Business Hours:

Sunday 12PM-4PM
Monday - Friday 10AM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-5PM

Abby’s Antique Mall started with a passion for vintage and antique items. We spent years travelling throughout the country visiting flea markets, antique shops, estate sales, and vintage boutiques, searching for interesting trinkets, unique furniture, beautiful jewelry, and more. We understand that not everyone can afford the time or expense to travel like that, and we wanted to create a space where the people in and around Ogden, UT could come together and shop for a wide selection of treasures.

We partnered together with antique vendors from all across the country who bring their wares to our mall so you can conveniently experience the joys of antique and vintage shopping. As our popularity has grown, customers make special trips just to partake in a bit of shopping at our shop. Our parking lot is RV friendly, so, if you are travelling from a distance, we can easily accommodate your car, van, or RV. Our location is easy to access to and from I-15, so if you are passing through the area, be sure to stop by.

When you come to our antique mall, you never know what you will find, and that is part of the fun. Our vendors are constantly updating their inventories to bring you hard-to-find pieces at unbeatable prices. If you are interested in DIY, crafting, or restoration, antique malls are ideal places to search for source materials. Many of our vendors are craftsmen and will be able to give you helpful tips about how you can repurpose items to suit your own tastes.

We have over “30 Years in Business” under our belts, and in that time we have helped countless people find the unique items they were looking for. Come see for yourself all that we have to offer.