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We at Abby’s Antique Mall carry a wide array of antiques and vintage items to cater to the interests and hobbies of all of our customers. Our most popular collectibles, however, are historical military items. Militaria enthusiasts travel from all over the country to peruse our collection of replicas, artifacts, and military antiques. The items in our inventory include uniforms, helmets and headgear, armor, badges, buttons, and more. We know that people’s collecting interests vary, so our vendors offer a bit of everything.

Many of our customers are interested in collecting general military gear, like belt buckles, medals, and clothing. For this type of collecting, we suggest that you invest in a full sized mannequin. This will allow you to easily display your collection and keep track of new additions. When you own American military collectibles, you truly appreciate the history and gravitas of each item because they represent the struggle to maintain liberty for the people.

If you are passionate about a more specific area of military collecting, we have vendors who cater to focused interests, like German war flags or British artillery from WWI. Authentication is important when you make an investment in militaria, and our vendors have the expertise and qualifications to guarantee that you are getting the real deal. We also provide a list of establishments that will insure your items, if you are purchasing an expensive collectible.

We have the best selection of militaria in Ogden, UT. Expand your collection today! Our vendors are dedicated to helping you find exactly what you are looking for and, if you have specific requests, they will keep an eye out on their scouting expeditions for items to add to your collection.